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Just write the brief dedication you want in your order instructions. Daily Deal TV will pay the shipping (a $16 value) and Daily Deal TV will contribute $10 to the Golden Rule Society. No returns on artwork once it has been dedicated. Dedications must be in good taste and we reserve the right to reject.

Each poster is 36 by 24 inches.


Peter Max has inspired Americans for more than four decades. His one-man museum exhibitions have had record-breaking attendance while also demonstrating how fine art can extend beyond museum walls and enrich non-traditional media, such as a Continental Airlines super jet and a 600 ft. Woodstock stage.

“Max’s appeal, along with other enduring American icons Walt Disney and Bob Dylan, spans all national demographics and has done so for generations.” ~ Malcolm Genet – art historian

Throughout the last four decades, the artistry of Peter Max has continued to inspire the creative spirit and unbounded imagination within each of us as his colorful universe touches the heart with lines and brushstrokes of infinite creativity.

His collection serves as a timeline to what has happened across the country and around the globe, having captured major and global events in the arts, sports, technology and the humanities.

Peter Max has been known as America’s Painter Laureate ever since he painted six Statue of Libertys at the White House in 1981.

His gallery and museum shows have for years set records all over the United States and the World.


Art and Charity c/o Daily Deal TV

Newport Beach, CA

The amazing Peter Max is one of the world’s most popuilar artiests and diesigned the canvas of the sizties and went on to create timeless icons to this day including his famous statue of liberties, patriotic stars and stripes themes, portraits of Presidents and musicians, and inspiring new work which has been heralded aound the world.

You can now have a permanent treasure of a poster dedicated and signed by the artist, and can choose from any of the three pictured posters, Blushing Beauty OR Better World 2000 OR Peter Max in Moscow

Enjoy the short film below of a Peter Max exhibition and don’t miss the opportuniyt to visit a Peter Max exhibit. Daily Deal TV is so excited about these works that we are paying the shipping and making a contriubtiion for each piece sold through Daily Deal TV.

Celebratge creativity!